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About Me

I became a full-time freelance illustrator in 2009 whilst living in Sydney, Australia. I have since relocated to Cornwall in the UK, but maintain professional relationships across the globe. I work hours that suit my clients and always ensure I am available to talk, even in the small hours.

In the early days I was predominantly working on children's books and character design using a style that suited these projects. I have since developed different styles and have broadened my skill-set to cater for many different forms of illustration and design.

I now have experience in, and offer the following services.

If one of these terms is relevant to your project or enquiry, please do get in touch


More than an illustrator, Patrick is a mind-reader! He has been the sole cartoonist of HistoriCool (an educational history magazine for 8-14 year old Australian kids) since its first issue, and we’re not quite sure what we’d do without him! From the 2-3 sentence briefs we provide per cartoon, Patrick captures the exact idea of what we want and executes it beyond our expectations every time. HistoriCool would be a lesser magazine without his contribution.

Lucy Singer

Editorial Director - HistoriCool Magazine

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